LST Construction

We are now officially launching a half million dollar capital campaign, “Building Foundations for Africa,” focused on raising awareness of and creating a sustainable response to the on-going need for biblical education in Africa. The funds raised through this campaign will be used to create the new LIA Training Center, which will be operated based on a self-sustaining model.


While we will have initial expenses for land and utilities, once purchased, our on-going operating costs will be minimal, relying on the efficiency of renewal resources and cooperative living. And we will lower the bottom line for the overall work of LIA by reducing current travel, resource dissemination, and living expenses for staff. This sustainable operating model will ultimately free up funds to add additional missionary staff and translate/print additional doctrinal resources in African languages.

Until the home for LIA's missionary is built, there will be a period of overlapping operational expenses as we transition from the old operating model of rent and public utilities to our new one. After that period of time, all monies normally used for rent, utilities and utilities and part of the funds spent on maintenance and travel, will then be used for local and on-site seminars for already ordained pastors, i.e., continuing ed seminars, and the aforementioned LIA's portion of training evangelical students. Finally, once we have the new model up and running, additional missionaries will be called to best leverage our expanded capacity.



We have six major capital expenditures to consider: Land Purchase; Fencing; Independent, renewable water supply; Independent, renewable electricity supply; Storage; and Offices.

  1. Land Purchase ~$221,500
  2. Fencing $37,500
  3. Drilling water borehole $37,500
  4. Construction and installation of solar panels $10,000
  5. Storage Containers $6,250
  6. Office Block Construction $187,500


From the funds raised by this campaign, our first capital expenditure will be to purchase land. This will allow us to immediately grow food for our team members and students as the Training Center is constructed. We will then bore a well (to free up monies currently spent on city utilities) and build a chapel. The latter will serve as a classroom during the week until such a time as we can build separate facilities for instruction. Following construction of the chapel, we will focus on building student housing and the translation lab. Each development step we take will become the supporting scaffold for the next.


The Leadership Team, along with a hard-working Production Team led by Wittenberg Church Consultants, fine-tuned the case statement, organized an international prayer vigil, and has outlined a strategy to broach the advocacy efforts for raising awareness of the need for a training Center.  You can watch a recorded version of the prayer vigil here.

The Leadership Team started the heart of the campaign by recruiting a slate of LIA supporters—pastors and laymen from all over the world. We asked them to take on the task of identifying even more current and potential supporters of LIA. We are in the middle of that process right now. Once this network of campaign volunteers is set, we will roll out the rest of the campaign by using these main components:

  • Newsletters
  • Informational Brochure
  • Inspirational Video
  • Live, Real-Time Prayer Vigil
  • Home Gatherings

As we move forward in this process, we ask that you pray that God will give wisdom and discernment to the members of our Leadership Team as they work on our next steps.