The Problem

There is a severe shortage of trained pastors in Africa.  In America, the Lutheran Church has 1 pastor for every 376 members.  In Tanzania, for instance, there is 1 pastor for every 3,500 members.  By training Africans to be teachers of the faith, Lutherans In Africa (LIA) is able to help fill the need for pastors and further spread the Gospel, allowing God to work through His external Word. 

The Lutheran School of Theology will help Lutherans In Africa to teach pastors in these ways:

  • Centrally located to reduce travel expenses

  • Sustainable design that allows self-sufficiency

  • Reduces rent expenses

  • Faithfully teaches God's Word

  • Longer, in-depth training

  • Consolidates translating work

  • Shows the long term commitment of LIA to the community

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What We Do


By training pastors, evangelists, and church workers, we are teaching not merely this generation, but the ones to come.  The Lutheran Church in Tanzania alone has over 5 million members, but many struggle to understand what Lutherans believe and why.  The average pastor serves 12 parishes but only visits one each Sunday.  The other eleven are served by evangelists who have had little or no training.  Even those who are trained have few books and limited opportunity for further formal study in the Living Word and doctrinal theology. 


Lutheran bishops in Africa are crying out to LIA-"Can you start a Bible school for our people so the Gospel can be spread in our countries?"

To provide doctrinal resources in African languages we translate various key texts such as Luther’s Small Catechism, the Book of Concord, and God’s No and God’s Yes into regional languages.  Since most pastors have never heard of the books, LIA then offers workshops on Lutheran doctrine so clergy can better understand how our Confessions are the pure exposition of the Living Word.


Currently working in 23 countries, LIA not only teaches confessional Lutheran doctrine, but also trains African pastors to be teachers in their own communities.

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Forming African Lutherans To Be Teachers Of The Faith

Comprised of pastors and volunteers from Africa, the United States, Finland, and Australia, Lutherans In Africa has the support of churches throughout the world.  LIA holds an annual meeting that includes bishops and church leaders from several countries in Africa and receives direction and input from these members to help steer the educational needs around the continent.

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How Can I Help?


There are many dangers and troubles we face because of the devil and a sinful world.  These are combated by Christ and you can help by praying for our protection, the proclamation of the Word, and open hearts to receive the Gospel.


You can help us succeed by encouraging others to find out how we help train workers for Christ's harvest.


Prayerfully consider a financial gift to LIA to further the spread of the Gospel in Africa. Donations can be made through PayPal or by check.
Encourage your church to add Lutherans In Africa to their mission budget each year.
Use Amazon Smile and designate Lutherans In Africa to support LIA with your purchases.
Donate Bibles, Catechisms, and other theological resources.

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